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Nikkei MC Aluminum America, Inc. is located in Columbus, Indiana. NMAA is a secondary aluminum company that specializes in creating many different aluminum alloys. We provide products that meet the characteristics, specifications, and quality our customer’s demand. Meeting these demands is achieved through the diverse product line-up including; high toughness, high wear-resistant and high thermal conductivity alloys.
Once the alloy is created here at NMAA it is shipped off to our customer’s where it is fabricated into a wide range of products for instance:
  • Shift forks
  • Transmission components
  • Compressor components
  • Torque rods
  • Piston components
  • Engine brackets

Nikkei MC Aluminum Co., Ltd. began as M.C. Aluminum Co. Ltd, Inc. with plants located in Togura and Asaba, Japan. As the demand for secondary aluminum grew, a third plant was added in Tochigi, Japan. In 1989, M.C. Aluminum America, Inc. was formed in Columbus, Indiana, from a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation, M.C. Aluminum Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi International Corporation, Enkei Corporation and Enkei America, Inc. At that time the main goal of our company was to supply Enkei America, Inc. with secondary aluminum by recycling scrap generated from their wheel production facility.

MCAA began production in 1990 with the operation of a 20 metric ton reverberatory furnace, one casting line, and a small crew of about 20 employees. In 1991, our first full calendar year of operation, MCAA produced 8,100 metric tons. A second reverberatory furnace was added in 1995, and then a third in 1998. Full year production in 1996 was 22,330 metric tons. Today, 80 employees along with 3 furnaces, 4 casting lines, and 2 chip dryers are able to produce more than 40,000 metric tons per year; more than 4 times the original quantity.

Since the creation of MCAA, sister companies have been established overseas, located near Bangkok, Thailand, and another outside of Shanghai, China. The total combined capacity of all M.C. Aluminum facilities is in excess of 15,000 metric tons of secondary aluminum per month.


Nikkei MC Aluminum America was created through a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) and Nippon Light Metals (NLM) to merge the company’s domestic and international foundry and die casting aluminum alloy business.

Through this joint venture, MC and NLM’s goal was to further improve the company values by means of differentiation among the industry utilizing the following advantages of each company:

  • MC and MC Aluminum – Number of both domestic and overseas production bases, and long-term experience in overseas operations.

  • NLM – Capability of developing new types of alloys and high operational technique.

In September, 2013, TST, Inc. and Nikkei MC Aluminum Co., Ltd. entered into a joint venture to manufacture and market aluminum alloy products in Mexico. The new joint venture, known as TST Nikkei Metales, is located in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Today’s total capacity for all of Nikkei MC Aluminum is in excess of 21,000 metric tons of secondary aluminum per month, with plants located in Japan (Togura, Tochigi, Koda, Mie), Thailand (Bangkok), China (Shanghai), India (Haryana), Mexico (Aguascalientes), and the United States (Columbus, IN).

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