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A unique feature about our product compared to the competition is that we offer a lighter ingot at only 5kg in weight.

In comparison, for our competition a standard ingot weighs between 11- 16kgs. Another key advantage from being lighter is the impact it has on the melting efficiency rate. The significance behind this is it can help cut down on the time for casting which benefits our customers.

Able to be handled during manufacturing
2-3x lighter
Higher melting efficiency rate

After the final product is complete, the ingot is shipped to our customers where it will be fabricated into a wide range of parts used primarily in the automotive industry. Each customer has different needs/wants and because of this, NMAA creates different specifications based upon the customer’s requests.


At Nikkei MC Aluminum Group we have the capability creating applications such as heat sinks, torque rods, engine brackets, transmission and compressor parts, and radiation plates. Below you will find the list of characteristics for these developed alloys. To learn more about each of these please click here.


Another key difference separating NMAA from our competition is the utilization of the resources available. Two major resources we utilize are our parent company, NMA Japan, and the German company Rheinfelden Alloys. Each company offers unique advantages, which allows NMAA to become a more versatile, advanced smelting company. Below you can find more information about each of the company’s that NMAA has a partnership with.

NMA Japan

Besides the standard alloys, NMA Japan has the unique capability of producing developed alloys that many manufacturers cannot. Due to the partnership with Nippon Light Metal Group the alloys that NMA Japan can produce are high toughness, high wear resistance, and high thermal conductivity. Before the alloy is sent to the customer it must pass a thorough inspection and quality test. NMA Japan goes as far as completing a component analysis, morphology and structural observations, and mechanical and physical properties.

If you are interested in learning more about NMA Japan and their developed alloys with their quality testing, click here.


Rheinfelden Alloys specializes in developing, customizing, producing, and selling hi-tech aluminum casting alloys. Their alloys are developed in the Rheinfelden Tech Center and are applied for light weight applications of passenger cars, such as structural- or frame- nodes, sub- frames, suspension strut dome and control arms, door frames, engine mounts, convertible roof components and others.

The connection that NMAA and Rheinfelden have is that we are the only company located in the United States to sell Rheinfelden alloys. Currently the Rheinfelden alloys that NMAA can produce are:

  • Silafont-36

  • Castasil- 21

  • Castasil-37

  • Castaman-35

  • Castaduct-42


If you are interested in learning more about Rheinfelden and their great hi-tech aluminum casting alloys, click here.

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