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The aluminum scrap accepted for the alloy passes through several key processes here at NMAA which includes; sorting, melting, treatment, metal inspection, casting, and packing.

Once the entire process is complete, an aluminum lot is created with its own chemistry. This high quality aluminum alloy is created from our abundant experience, outstanding operating techniques, and rigorous inspection and testing systems designed to meet our customer specifications. Using this alloy, our customer cast various parts and components to be supplied to the automotive industry.


An environmentally friendly material, aluminum is all around us. Whether it’s consumer goods, the energy sector, aluminum foil and cans, the automotive industry, aerospace and aviation, or construction, the possibilities are limitless with aluminum.

What makes aluminum so special is how it can be recycled an infinite number of times simply by remelting it.


The energy required to do this is just 3% of the original energy required needed to produce the primary aluminum. With that being said this means that an increased usage of aluminum will benefit the environment significantly by conserving resources such as natural gas and energy usage. By promoting energy-saving secondary aluminum alloys, NMAA plays a significant role in protecting the future of our environment.

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